Why Outsource your IT with ITMed LLC

Computer and Network Support for Small and Networks:

IT Management, Support, and Help Desk
Affordable and local IT management, support and Help Desk services for Inland Empire Medical Practices with 5-50 network users

If you thought your office or medical practice was too small to afford the high reliability and solid security of an enterprise IT network, here’s great news: ITMed L.L.C.’s Small Office/Medical Practice Network Support Package solves your network management problems the way some of the world’s largest companies do it — by outsourcing.

Cut Cost!  Instead of hiring a full or part time IT Professional - Outsource and save on the cost of paying employee benefits, taxes, high California Workers Comp. Premiums, etc. – and maintain the added benefit of an in-house IT Professional by Outsourcing with ITMed L.L.C. Today!

Pay Low Hourly Rates or Fees!

Or Save With a Retainer Contract!